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5th Largest Economy in the World


20% of the Nation's Foreign Direct Investment Share is in CA

5 of the Top 25 Universities are in California - more than any other State!

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Not sure where to start? Use the California Business Navigator to find custom information for your business.

Business Service Desk

**New Updates!** Get answers to commonly asked questions with the California Business Portal Service Desk. If the information for your situation is not here yet, submit your question and we’ll get you the answer.


Need permit assistance? Explore CalGOLD – the Gold Standard for permit assistance.

Financial Assistance

All businesses require money to get off the ground and to continue to grow. Explore the financial options available to your business.

Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides are just a few pages in length and contain the essential information for starting, growing, and expanding specific types of businesses in the State of California.

International Trade and Investment

Are you interested in Imports and Exports? Visit the California Business Portal’s International Trade and Investment section.

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The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) serves as the State of California's leader for job growth and economic development efforts. GO-Biz partnered with the State's Information Technology Leadership Academy 22 to create the California Business Portal.

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