CEQA Process Flow Chart

All state and local agencies must give consideration to environmental protection in regulating public and private activities. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provides a formal process for regulating entities to evaluate and mitigate environmental impacts that may occur as a result of a particular development. Agencies must identify mitigation measures and alternatives for any projects under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) jurisdiction with potentially significant environmental impacts by preparing an Environmental Impact Report, and must approve projects with feasible mitigation measures and alternatives.

For more information, consult the California Natural Resources Agency’s Frequently Asked Questions about CEQA and the Governor’s Office of Planning & Research CEQA. You can also access the Natural Resources Agency 2014 CEQA Statute and Guidelines.

CEQA applies to all public and private development projects. Contact your city or county planning officials to determine if your business operations are subject to CEQA review.

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