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California’s superior educational system and workforce training initiatives produce an unrivaled, highly skilled labor force. California businesses have access to a full menu of workforce services, including training reimbursements, workforce recruitment and training, education, and labor market information.

Training Reimbursement and Programs

California offers many resources to help your business develop a highly-skilled workforce, including reimbursements for employer-designed training programs, customized workforce training initiatives, and apprenticeship support. Click on one of the resources below to learn more.

Employment Training Panel
The Employment Training Panel (ETP) provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers through training that leads to good paying, long-term jobs.

California Workforce Development Board
Local Workforce Development Boards work in concert with their local Chief Elected Official to oversee the delivery of workforce services relevant to their local residents and businesses.

California Community Colleges Workforce Training
California’s Community Colleges are in a unique position to assist businesses in developing a high-skilled, high-performance workforce. Whether your company needs employees trained in basic skills or something highly specialized such as advanced manufacturing techniques, the community colleges can draw upon the vast resources of the system to develop a training program that will address your workforce development challenges.

California Community Colleges Sector Navigator
The Community Colleges’ Deputy Sector Navigators help coordinate industry-specific workforce training programs, providing highly specialized industry training, technical consulting and business development. Sector Navigators are organized by region and sector type.

Division of Apprenticeship Standards
The Division of Apprenticeship Standards provides employers with a highly skilled and experienced workforce while strengthening California’s economy.

Resources and Partner Organizations

California’s Labor and Workforce Development Agency provides you with the data you need to develop your workforce, including labor market information and lists of local training providers. Click on one of the resources below to learn more.

Employment Development Department
The Employment Development Department (EDD) helps job seekers and employers navigate the state’s workforce services through CalJOBSSM, California’s labor exchange system. CalJOBS allows users to easily search for jobs, build résumés, access career resources, post job openings, find qualified candidates for employment, and get information on education and training programs. For more information, visit CalJOBS.

America’s Job Center of California
California’s job centers help businesses with recruiting employees, from help with drafting duty statements and job announcements to screening applicants. They can also connect businesses with training resources for employees. Locate an America’s Job Center of California near you.
California’s job centers help businesses with recruiting and screening applicants, provide training resources for employees, and organize job fairs and workshops.
The job centers also provide the following resources:

  • Re-employment services for dislocated workers
  • Labor market information for planning business expansion, relocation, and future hiring
  • Focused recruitment for new business ventures or facilities needing a large number of specialized workers in a hurry
  • Coordinated workforce preparation services in partnership with local employment and training agencies

Contact an America’s Job Center of California near you.

Veterans Hiring Programs

California also supports employers seeking to hire veterans. Click on one of the resources below to learn more.

California Department of Veterans Affairs
The California Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of employment services and benefits to veterans who are unemployed or seeking employment.

American Job Center Resources for Veterans
The American Job Center provides a list of resources for veterans and employers seeking to hire veterans.

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